Quarterly Review Templates (Digital Download)

Quarterly Review Templates (Digital Download)

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✅ Quarterly Review Worksheet

✅ 70+ SMART Goal Templates - with the coveted Hormozi-style Business Growth Goals!

✅ ICE Prioritization Worksheet

✅ Tiny Habits Database

✅ The Ideal Week Worksheet

🎁 VIP Access To Q2 Planning Workshop

Customer Reviews

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Andy Mejia (Surrey, CA)
It's awesome for the finishing journal printable digital download

Did you know you can just laminate them after you're done printing them it's easy to save some money with people and using try dry erase marker to fix the mistakes you did like pen or pen?

Chris Oberndorfer (Seattle, US)
So simple

It’s hard not to stick with this process. I am using it for work and personal life and it has made a difference since day one. My daughter and brother in law both wanted the Finishers journal immediately upon seeing mine.

Jason Weiss (Fontana, US)
Great journal to stay focused

before this, was using the high performance planner, but was too complicated. This one is perfect - super focused, well thought out, and most importantly simple so I want to use every day.

Cesar Abeid (London, CA)
I love the Finisher's Secret approach

Being a productivity enthusiast and a project manager specialist, I've tried all types of planners and journals. The only one that has worked consistently for me is Finisher's Secret. I highly recommend it.

ChrisK. (Grand Island, US)
Was skeptical, seems to be working

When I received this journal and thumbed through it, I was skeptical. I didn't use it right away. I thought that this is just another way to write a list. I was considering returning unused. I already have a handful of planners on my shelf that didn't help me keep on task. However, my persistent disorganization and limited focus convinced me to give it a try. I must say, this method is working for me. It helps you focus your goals and asks you to base your weekly and daily tasks around those goals. Daily focus goals are manageable, and for me, maybe that's why it is working. Planner has 90 day goals, weekly goals that forward the 90 day goal, and daily goals to forward the weekly goal. I can't tell you why it works, but it is working very well for me so far. Everyone is different and all I can tell you this method is working better than any other planners that I have tried. I am interested to see how the journey with this journal evolves over the next 90 days to see if I will order another. I do enjoy reviewing at the end of the week to see how I have progressed, and this is helping me stay motivated. At this time, I recommend this planner without reservation. Price point is a bit high in my opinion, but the quality of the book is excellent, and I'd rather pay extra money for that extra quality. That may not be the same case for everyone.

Adrian (Saint Paul, US)
Love it!

I really like the Finisher 3.0! I would recommend as it has helped me to get more organized!


The Finisher’s Secrets is a well presented journal. It’s a bit slow to figure out how I want to use it. I’ve documented my first task goal. That’s it.

M. (Miami, US)
Worth Every Penny and Minute

I hesitated because of the price and my busy schedule, but the Finisher Journal is worth it. It's designed to streamline my day without overwhelming me. The time-blocking and prioritization features help me focus on what matters. It's not just a journal; it's an investment in my growth. Totally worth it if you want to boost your productivity.