A Finisher Story

Fired up, unstoppable, confident.
That was me when I first stepped foot in the United States.
Ready to tackle entrepreneurship head-on.
I left Cuba's limitations behind me.
And whole new world was waiting ahead.
My English? No bueno.
A newborn baby in my arms?
Flat broke?
Check and check!
Yet…I remained passionate and determined.


Little did I know…
Entrepreneurship came swinging at me with a dose of reality that I never expected.
It hit me like a freight train carrying a payload of brutal truths that I never saw coming.

And what about those gurus who promise instant success using fancy tools and apps?

Don't even get started on them…
They were selling nothing but smoke and mirrors—overpromising dreams while under delivering meaningful results for eager entrepreneurs like myself.
I grew desperate, trying anything within reach:
Every app…
All the books…
Hundreds of YouTube videos…

But my ever-growing to-do list loomed heavy as procrastination continued to kick in.

The worst part was how I had to keep my projects hidden from curious, prying friends.
I was ashamed.
I worked a lot.
And no results.
A handful of nothing.
But then…
It happiness finally came upon:
I discovered TimeBoxing 🥊
TimeBoxing completely transformed how time-management can work FOR ME instead of against me.
By focusing solely on one task at a time…
While working within strict deadlines…
I got the much-needed breathing room I was looking for.
There was still a problem, though.
The productivity tools I told you about?
They still sucked.
Filled with too much fluff, wasting my valuable time filling out little charts to rate how awesome my plan was.
Planning is important, but without execution… the best plan is worthless.


And that's why I decided to create the Finisher's Journal.

And I specifically designed them for entrepreneurs who, like me, value execution over endless planning.
It only takes 5 minutes of your day to plan with powerful simplicity like never before.
Over 60,000 go-getters have achieved phenomenal success using the Finisher's Journal as their secret productivity weapon.
And with over 500+ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ five-star reviews praising it…
I do believe wholeheartedly that Finisher's Journal is THE #1 journal for entrepreneurs determined to level up their lives and businesses.
– Javier
Founder of Finisher Secrets