The Finisher's Formula Intensive

The Finisher's Formula Intensive

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Tired of binge-watching productivity hacks on YouTube that eventually become procrastination hacks?

Use the daily Finisher's Formula to find 15-20 hours a week and turn them into productivity gold.



✅ My Daily Distraction Filter (Removes 40­-70% of my workday interruptions)

✅ My Morning Routine To Unlock "Monk" Mode and Stay Focused for 3+ hours (No Cold Showers, Meditation, Or Cardio Required)

✅ How To Create Your "Daily Map" Around Your Top Priorities (...And Take Advantage Of Their Focus and Creativity)

✅ My Prioritization Method to Cut BS Work (...And 10X The Value Of Every Working Hour)

✅ How To Force all Social Media To Comply With Your Time Requirements

✅ How To Eliminate or Delegate Most Of You $10/hr work and Leverage $10K/hr Work


    🙋‍♂️ WHO IS THIS FOR?

    ✅ Entrepreneurs who love to start new projects, but rarely finish them

    ✅ 9-5ers who want to make more time for their side hustles.

    ✅ People who want more time to spend with their families or hobbies

    ✅ Individuals who are unable to focus for more than 15 minutes on a single task

    ✅ People who have 100 things to do, but don't know where to start