$1000/Hr Productivity System (Implementation-Course)
$1000/Hr Productivity System (Implementation-Course)
$1000/Hr Productivity System (Implementation-Course)
$1000/Hr Productivity System (Implementation-Course)
$1000/Hr Productivity System (Implementation-Course)
$1000/Hr Productivity System (Implementation-Course)
$1000/Hr Productivity System (Implementation-Course)
$1000/Hr Productivity System (Implementation-Course)

$1000/Hr Productivity System (Implementation-Course)

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Dear Entrepreneur:  If You Ever Find Yourself...

Looking back on a busy 10-hour day, feeling like you got nothing important done.

Starting one task, getting lost in rabbit trails, and ending up with ten tasks, but not finishing any of them?

Paralyzed by the many ideas, projects, and voices pushing you in many directions?

Then... more "productivity" hacks, 5 am cold showers and millionaire morning routines won't cut it...


If you want to dramatically increase your income and freedom

…You’re not going to get there by working harder or relying on cheap motivation.

For most entrepreneurs there are 3 kind of tasks...

👉 $10/hr (aka busy work)
👉 $100/hr (leveraged)
👉 $1000/hr (income producing)

Our approach is simple: Do more $1000/hr work - cut, automate and delegate the rest (in that order)

Give this system 45 minutes and it will show you...

1. How To Maximize Your Day ROI With $1000/hr Work

The $1000/hr Matrix... to quickly spot high-value activities.

Two type of tasks you must leverage to get the absolute highest output (and how Steve Jobs used this to build Apple).

The Opportunity "Scoring" Formula... that tells you the next thing to do, even if everything seems to be important. 


2. How To Focus and Execute $1000/hr Work

✅ The 4 Hour workday method that maximizes Return On Time Invested (ROTI) with $1000/hr work

The "Everyday" Distraction Filter... that removes 40-70% of distractions (you only need to set it up once).

The "Instant" Focus Sprint that prevents procrastination and distractions (even with boring tasks)


3. How to Kill Busy Work and Create More Time for $1000/Hour Work

How to Outsource $1000/Hr Tasks...Even on a Limited Budget!

How to Leverage AI and Automation to Do 90% of the Busy Work for You

The 30-Minute-per-Day Email Inbox System That Saves at Least 5-7 Hours Every Week! 


Here's a preview of what's Inside...



You’ll Also Get Immediate Access To The “Fast Focus” Special Bonuses!

Bonus #1 Daily Distractions Filter

🎁 One time 15-minute exercise that removes 40-70% interruptions daily

🎁 Turn your phone and computer into real productivity machines


Bonus #2: Monk Mode Protocol

🎁 Tiny Habits for increasing your ability to stay focused for long periods of time even with boring work

🎁 3 simple rules to design a distraction-free daily routine that prime you for focus


Bonus #3: Perfect Day Scripts

🎁 Pre-made optimized day scripts for Full-time entrepreneurs, 5 AM Side Hustler and 9 PM Side Hustlers


Bonus #4: The Early Bird Deal (first 100 only)

🎁 A special discount offer exclusively for early bird customers willing to invest on this course before it's official launch

🎁 A $100 savings on The $1000/Hr Productivity System.


Special Bonus #5: $1K Task Manager (Expires Soon)

🎁 Makes prioritization and planning 10X easier and faster using our in house Opportunity Score formula


🤝 You Are Protected By My 100% No-Risk 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

If for any reason you feel like I don't deliver on my promise for the next 30 days, then we will gladly refund your money.

No questions asked!

Get The $1000/Hr Productivity Course and apply what you learn.

You’re either 100% happy or send an email to javier@finishersecrets.com.

(I’m even putting my personal email here! I’ll answer your email myself.)

Questions? Answers!

$1000/Hr Productivity System (Implementation-Course)