Finisher ELITE (1-Year Pass)
Finisher ELITE (1-Year Pass)

Finisher ELITE (1-Year Pass)

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Finisher's ELITE Includes

 Perfect Day Scripts ($37 value)
Maximize every hour with pre-made daily routines for Full-time entrepreneurs, 5 AM Side Hustlers, and 9 PM Side Hustlers.

 Daily Distraction Filter Checklist ($47 value)
Increase your focus time by turning your phone and computer into distraction-free productivity machines. This checklist is an easy way to cut 40-70% of daily distractions and interruptions.

✅ Immediate Access To Printables ($29 value)
Get Instant Access To The Finisher System and Printables.

✅ Tiny Habits Database ($37 value)
Use this database of tiny habits to develop strong behaviors and save time, energy, and focus. Find inspiration for your next successful habit.

 Weekly Giveaways ($50 value)
To show appreciation for our loyal ELITE members, we randomly select one member each week to receive a special gift from us.

💎 SPECIAL GIFT: Monthly Re-alignment Workshop ($399 value)
Realignment workshops: the key to ELITE members’ success.
Let’s face it:
It’s easy to get off track when pursuing our goals.
We start with the best intentions, but life throws distractions and obstacles our way.
That’s why our Re-alignment Workshops are so important.
They keep you focused, motivated, and accountable to your goals.
During our monthly group calls, we’ll go through the 7-step Re-alignment Checklist together.
We’ll help you identify roadblocks and make necessary adjustments to your plan.
This is the most valuable gift I can give you as an ELITE member.

Customer Reviews

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SunYeong Still (Voorhees Township, US)
Finisher's Secret Journal

The journal really helps me focus on my goals. Reducing my goals to two main objectives really simplifies things for me.One of my 2 goals are getting a second job. I am only a week into my journal and am on a trial week of one of the jobs that I applied to. It is exhausting but is great so far!