How I Was Able To Fit A Day's Work Into 3 Hours

And Double How Much Work I Can Get Done Each Day By Mastering My Focus

(8 minutes)

Yes, I Want To Join The Finisher's Intensive

3 Hours Of Uninterrupted Focused Work = A Full 8-Hour Work Day

Let me explain...

The average worker gets interrupted 7 times per hour. It takes 23 minutes to refocus once you get interrupted.


You need at least 8 traditional work hours to finish a 3-HOUR project.

So... Every day you're spending roughly 5 hours a day on...

😰 Busy but not productive
😰 Untracked
😰 Unfocused
😰 Not-money-making
😰 “Result-less” work.

That's how my life was until I discovered that just by reducing interruptions, I can double or triple how much work I could accomplish – Without adding more hours!

That's it?

Eliminate interruptions just like that?

Yes, but... It's not that simple. Fixing your focus requires discipline, consistency, and an actionable plan.

And that's why I'm inviting you to this Focus Intensive today.

I'm offering to give you the plan, the accountability, AND the support you need to go from busy-getting-nothing-much-done, to ultra-productive in 7 days or less.

Here's How The Intensive Works...

Immediately after you enroll, you'll be invited to join our private Slack channel.

This is where you will check in daily with the group, to make sure you are on track.

You will also get access to the "✅ Finisher's Formula Checklist."

This checklist ensures that you take action every day and make real progress.

Each day, I'll unlock a new lesson and challenge for you.

By the end of the 7 days, you will be able to...

📌 Apply The Finisher's Daily Distraction Filter

📌 Create Your Own Routine To Unlock "Monk" Mode and Stay Focused for 3+ hours

📌 Create Your "Daily Map" Around Your Top Priorities

📌 Force all Social Media To Comply With Your Time Requirements

📌 Free Up 10-20 Hours Per Week And Leverage $1000/hr Work

📌 Multiply the $$ Value Of Every Working Hour

When You Join Today, You'll Get Access To...

✅ 7-Day Action Plan Checklist ($100 value)

✅ 7-Day Digital Detox Challenge ($50 value)

✅ Finisher's Formula Workshop Recordings ($100 value)

✅ Daily Accountability & Support In Our Private Slack Channel ($200 value)

✅ BONUS 1-Page Timeboxing Planner ($10 value)

✅ BONUS Deep Work Toolkit ($50 value)

✅ BONUS 1-on-1 Call With Javier To Free Up 10+ Hours ($1000 value)

A Total Value Of $1510 for Just $200 $100 Today!

⏰ Enrollment Ends In

I understand that this program is a 7-day intensive, and I must complete every task on the checklist to achieve the results I signed up for.

I commit to being honest with myself about my progress and sharing it with the Finisher Secrets team who can help me hold myself accountable.