The Finisher Journal 3.0 

Plan and execute the right things, in the right order, one thing at a time.

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βœ… NEW: Daily Goal Alignment Checkbox
The Finisher's Journal is designed to keep your daily focus on progressing towards your goals. We've added an "Alignment" checkbox to ensure your daily primary task impacts goal.

βœ… NEW: Highlight of the Day
Daily wins, big or small, keep you motivated. Our single-line evening reflection helps boost motivation, clarity, and focus.


βœ… IMPROVED: Weekly Planning/Evaluation Workflow
Responding to popular demand, we've reinstated the week-by-week workflow, which eliminates the need to flip back and forth to update weekly pages.

βœ… NEW: Weekly Clean-up Checklist
Organized notes are key for easy referencing, and sometimes all we need is a little reminder. That's why we've included the Clean-up Checklist in our journal.


βœ… REFINED: Goal Setting Pages
Simpler goals are easier to plan and execute. We've refined our goal-setting pages to make your goals clearer and more optimized.

βœ… NEW: Built-in Habit Tracker
Forget about losing habit tracker cards. Our built-in habit tracker, complete with daily reminders, makes it easier to stick to good habits or break bad ones in the 3.0 version.

But wait, there’s more…
The improvements in 3.0 don't stop here – we have over 8 additional minor changes that you're going to absolutely love…

βœ… Pen Loop
βœ… New Cover Color (with more colors coming soon).
βœ… Increased Number of Note Pages
βœ… Built-in Quarterly Review
βœ… White Pages with Colored Headings
βœ… Motivational Quotes
βœ… Thicker Pages 
βœ… Bigger, Easier-to-Read Font