Perfect Day Scripts (Digital)

Perfect Day Scripts (Digital)

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These Daily Scripts Will Help You Make The Most Of Every Hour Of Your Day.

Dear entrepreneur

🚫 Do you feel paralyzed by too many decisions and distractions?
🚫 Are you tired of waking up without a clear idea of what to do each day?
🚫 Do you feel scattered with a never-ending to-do list?


Introducing The Perfect Day Scripts

A simple and repeatable, with step-by-step instructions that will help you…

✅ Prioritize tasks that move the needle.
✅ Create an effective workflow.
✅ Optimizing each hour of your day with a time budget
✅ Take consistent action that leads to long-term success.

All without feeling overwhelmed or stressed.


Who is this for?

👉 You are a busy full time business owner looking to simply your daily routine
👉 You are a side-hustler with very limited time, looking to make more time for side-projects.
👉 You are a student looking to improve your productivity and make more time for studying.

Customer Reviews

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Tedi Spa Mental (Jakarta, ID)
Elite Pass: Best Value Membership Ever!

Just 3 weeks I join elite lifetime pass membership and in my honest opinion this is the best value membership ever!

I pay once and get all the resources lifetime such as: training, workshop, asset, workbook, community, live monthly planning workshop and the replay access for all the previous workshop.

I learn a lot from this community.

No other membership program out there that focus on productivity like elite pass membership.

I highly recommended this.

When elite pass re-open again, grab it!

You can thank's me later :)

OPAL (Las Vegas, US)
More tools, more progress

It's been a nice addition to my week so far. Getting more clear on what I need to do and what I need to delegate. Javier is a master mind and this elite pass is just as important as having the journal. It's affordable and more impressive than other products in its category. No regrets- take action and invest into your success pattern.

Summer Naisbitt (Farmington, US)


Carl Stubblefield (Kansas City, US)
A refreshing change

The best part I find is the interaction with like-minded individuals. Most times, I find many people don't like making goals or striving for anything outside of maintenance and survival-mode. I like being part of a community that supports each other and strives for constant improvement. They say you are the average of the people you spend the most time with--so why wouldn't you choose to spend it with high achievers?

chad (Dallas, US)
Great planner for true focus!

I’ve tried many plans and methods. This is simple and effective.

Scott Hadley (Monticello, US)
Valuable Membership

I love the Elite membership. Great value. I love the Don’t Break the Chain Club.

Yasset Gonzalez-Fornes (Tucson, US)

ELITE (Digital Pass)

Stacey Morris (Fort Lauderdale, US)
360 degree success

The elite membership offers all the ingredients for success…accountability, coaching, planning tools, and a fantastic journal that helps me stay focused on priorities.