Finisher's Journal Printables (Digital Download)

Finisher's Journal Printables (Digital Download)

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In a recent survey of our customers, we discovered that: 

88.24% experienced a noticeable boost in their focus…

And 94.12% feel more disciplined…

... in just 30 DAYS! 😳

We expected 3.0 to be far better than our previous edition, but these results crushed even our highest expectations.

And that's why we want to give a few more individuals the opportunity to try it before fulling committing.

Customer Reviews

Based on 358 reviews
Rino Dattilo (Los Angeles, US)
Looking to change my life

I see a new potential to change my life that will impact many

Jonathan Lange (Saginaw, US)
Simple, straightforward and good quality!

I paired this journal with a good fountain pen and even though I don't like to right it's this combo that has me going now for 2 weeks of journaling everyday. I plan to take the Finishers Journal with me throughout the rest of the year as I think it does help keep me on task. I would recommend trying it.

Aleshka Ferrero (Santa Monica, US)
Helps a ton with organizing myself

1 week in and it has helped a lot with clarifying goals and next action steps. Something about it being analog makes it so that you are more intentional in what you write down as to do's. Very happy with purchase.

Eric Klauss (El Paso, US)
Simply Effective

Been using a lot these techniques scattered in different notebooks and e calendars. The finisher system has brought focus to my planning process

Hi there,

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review for our Finisher's Journal 3.0. We are so happy to hear that our product has been effective for you in bringing focus to your planning process. We designed the Finisher system to be user-friendly and efficient, so we are glad to know it has met your needs. Keep up the great work and happy planning!

Customer Service Team

Samuel Mancilla (Las Vegas, US)
Great product!!

Simple and effective!!!

Hi there!

Thank you so much for your kind words about our Finisher's Journal 3.0. We're thrilled to hear that it has been simple and effective for you. Keep up the great work and happy journaling!

Justin Kerr (Atascadero, US)
Love the battle

With the Finisher Journal sitting next to me, I realize I just missed a day of entry or I didn't track a habit or passed 3 addtional tasks to tomorrow...all things I would rather have accomplished! But I literally turn the page and its time for the weekly review…It time to reflect, its time to organize, its time to Finish better! My priority this week? WIN, get better, run the tasks before they run me! Learning to love the battle.

Mikhael S. (Flagstaff, US)
Loving it!

Week 2, and I'm loving it. So quick and easy to use, I'm actually motivated to get things done just so I can check them off. LOVE the weekly review and the clarity around what did and didn't work and how to improve.

Caleb Howarth (Phoenix, US)
Great planner for 12-week year projects

This is a great planner for 90-day projects or goals. The layout of week first, followed by daily pages, then week review, and starting new week helps the flow. The index page is very helpful to remember key notes as they happen. It would be nice if there was month overview pages. I'm very glad I purchased entire year with my order as I will definitely be using them all.