How to Set Smarter Goals than 99% of People

So, I stumbled upon a gem of a tweet from Alex Hormozi the other day, and I'll tell you what, it just clicked.

Pure gold, isn't it?

I've been championing this thought since the day I decided to create the Finisher's Journal.

Alex has managed to put it so eloquently, it's like he read my mind!

And with Q3 looming on the horizon...

I think it's the perfect excuse to give you a 2-minute masterclass on...

How to set SMARTER goals than 99% of people using 'The Problem-Solution Method'.

This approach provides new perspectives and out-of-the-box solutions that traditional goal-setting methods often overlook.

Best of all, it's simple and effective, giving you the confidence to execute your plan without distractions.

Let's dive in...

1️⃣ Identify your goal:

Figure out what you want to achieve in 90 days. Be precise, my friend.


Get my first 200 customers by December 31st.

2️⃣ Spot 'The GAP':

The GAP is your goal compass – it points out the difference between where you're standing and your finish line. It helps crystallize your goal.


Increase the number of customers from 0 to 200 by December 31st.

3️⃣ Clearly define the problems/blockers within the GAP:

State the biggest problems that you'll face going from Point A to B. Again, be as specific as possible.

Example: Little website traffic, low conversion rate, limited budget for advertising.

4️⃣Brainstorm solutions:

Come up with as many solutions as you can for each of the blockers above.

Each solution must be actionable and within your control.


- Post daily valuable content on Instagram
- Rewrite product page
- Create a weekly newsletter
- Reach out to influencers

5️⃣ Plan Implementation:

Choose the top three solutions by analyzing the feasibility and impact of each solution on your primary goal.

Pick the one that is easiest to implement and offers the fastest results.

💎 The final product?

A clear, quantifiable, and realistic goal tied with a relevant action plan and a deadline.


I will increase the # of customers from 0 to 200 by December 31st


- Create a weekly newsletter
- Post daily valuable content on Instagram
- Reach 50 Instagram influencers

Remember: the fastest way to achieve a goal is to do the right things in the right order and at the right time.

I hope this helps you crush Q3’2023!


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Susan, your success story is a beacon for us all! Who'd have thought, right?

With the Finisher's Journal, simple steps lead to remarkable strides towards goals.

So folks, take a page from Susan's book.

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