How we delegate the busy work to AI

For most entrepreneurs there are 3 kind of tasks...

👉$10/hr tasks (aka busy work)

👉$100/hr (involving some specialized knowledge, like copywriting)

👉$1000/hr tasks (the ones that truly generate income)

In past newsletters, I've highlighted the importance of delegating busy work to focus on the $1000/hr activities.

Historically, increasing output meant hiring more, like VAs for mundane tasks.

But with AI's revolution, everything shifted.

AI doesn't just save money; it's about 1000x faster and avoids human error.

By integrating AI and automation, I've offloaded numerous $10 and $100/hr tasks.

The result?

-Significant monthly savings
-More efficiency
-More time to focus on the high-income producing activities.

In this edition, let me pull back the curtain on a nifty automation move I made a while back.

It's now keeping an extra $1000 in my pocket every month and slashing down manual work.

The Challenge:

Not too long ago, we transitioned our Order Management to Shopify to enhance control.

But we faced a stumbling block - transferring old orders from Stripe to Shopify was a real pain…

To ensure timely order fulfillment, we hired two virtual assistants who spent 20 hours weekly manually transferring orders from Stripe to Shopify.

Sometimes, mistakes happened. Orders went to the wrong addresses. This wasted time, inventory, and money.

The Solution: Delegate the busy work to AI

We set up a Make/Integromat automation.

It watched for new orders in Stripe.

It checked each order's address. Then it decided: domestic or international? With this info, the order went to the right place.

See the automation flow below, which we created using It is easier to set up than it looks.

The Results

We won big.

No more 20-hour weeks for helpers.

Wrong shipments? They dropped from 15% to zero.

We save $1000 per month in human labor and error.

AI offers enormous potential. This example is just the tip of the iceberg.

Merging ChatGPT with has amplified our business even more.🤯

If you are considering incorporating AI into your business, here are a few ways that could provide a massive ROI for any business.

-Automated Content Creation
-Streamlined Onboarding (for service businesses)
-Personalized Lead Generation
-Efficient Order Fulfillment
-Automated Customer Service

Looking forward to sharing more insights and developments with you!

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