My Top 3 Playlists To Stop Getting Distracted

In a world where everyone is distracted, deep work is a superpower.

1 hour of Deep Work > 8 hours of shallow work

In 2023, our focus is under constant threat from:

- Ads (tempting consumerism)

- News (triggering emotions)

- Bite-sized content (hooking addiction)

What's worse?

Every disruption not just robs you of 23 minutes, but also sucks your energy dry.

Source: Andy Cook

My secret weapon to fend off distractions during deep work sessions?

🎧 Noise Cancelling headphones blasting background music.

💎 Pro tip: Wearing over-ear headphones at work shows that you don't want to be disturbed, which can help prevent interruptions.

Here are my top 3 “Deep Work” playlists that I use daily for 3-4 hours of smooth, uninterrupted work.

Lo-fi beats playlist


This lo-fi playlist's calming, rhythmic beats soothe your mind for:

- Brainstorming new ideas

- Journaling

- Creative work

Click here to listen on Spotify.
Brown Noise

Tap into this playlist when you are ready for some intense focus.

- Crafting an email campaign

- Scripting your upcoming Youtube Video

- Programming

Brown noise is perfect for drowning out distractions.

But if it's already quiet, you might not need it.

Click here to listen on Spotify. 

Limitless Focus

This is my go-to mood booster playlist.

It's brilliant for starting your day on a positive note, filled with my favorite instrumental tracks.

It keeps me focused and upbeat at work. 


To crank out quality work, you need unbroken focus.

Drowning out external noise with background music is one of the most powerful ways to maintain focus and motivation.

I trust these playlists will help you hit your peak focus and highest productivity.

Happy deep working!

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