Prioritize Your Week in 5 mins or Less

Entrepreneurs face unique frustrations.

We're all juggling a million tasks like flaming bowling balls, unsure of what to tackle next.

The truth?

We can do ANYTHING, but that doesn't mean we should do EVERYTHING.

The key is prioritization, my friend.

Let me introduce you to a ridiculously simple yet incredibly effective method…

The ABC Method.

Endorsed by heavyweights like Barbara Corcoran, Kenneth Chenault, and Richard Branson, this method will revolutionize your prioritization game.

So, let's get started!

Here's the scoop: you'll set priorities in just 2 minutes by assigning tasks as "A," "B," or "C."

"A" tasks — Must Do

These tasks are your needle-movers—the game-changers.

Neglecting them has consequences.

These are your essential tasks: cold calls, ad testing, hiring a VA.

They come first.

"B" tasks — Should Do

Important but less urgent.

They contribute to progress but lack severe consequences if left unfinished.

Think returning calls or replying to emails.

They deserve attention.

"C" tasks — Nice To Do

"C" tasks? Well, they're the nice-to-dos, the ones that often gather dust on your to-do list.

They aren't time-bound or critical, but still worth accomplishing.

Most "C" tasks eventually move up to "B" tasks.

Here's how to put the ABC Method into action:

In your Finisher's Journal, find the weekly pages dedicated to this method.

List all the tasks you have in mind, and don't forget to include any pending tasks from the previous week.

Then, assign priorities by categorizing each task as "A," "B," or "C."

In five minutes or less, you can have a more focused and organized week. Planning your days is now a piece of cake.

The ABC Method holds the power to unlock insane productivity and effectiveness. It's your ticket to tackling what truly matters.

Now, it's your turn to take action.

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