The Finisher Hybrid Planning System

Writing on paper enhances our clarity, creativity, and purpose.

This is where the Finisher’s Journal truly excels.

But, honestly, even this faithful journal isn't always enough.

That's when digital buddies come into play.

Let me introduce you to my Hybrid planning method: combining the timeless charm of analog with the convenience of digital.

For a winning Hybrid system, we need:

✅ Flexibility: Efficiently schedule reminders and events.
✅ Searchability: Capture and locate notes and tasks easily.
✅ Focus: A clear, distraction-free path to essential tasks.
Shall we delve deeper?

Flexibility in Reminders & Events

While the Finisher's Journal is unmatched in many ways, it can't alert me about my best friend's birthday or ping me for a scheduled meeting.

For these ever-changing events, I count on a digital calendar.

I use Fantastical.

It's intuitive, and if you’re on a Mac, a quick (Control + Option + Space) lets you type events conversationally.

Of course, most calendar apps will do the trick, but Fantastical is just...well, fantastic!

Searchability with Notion

Amidst the sea of note-taking apps, Notion is my anchor.

It's simple, efficient, and great for collaboration.

I rely on it as my digital database for everything - from fleeting thoughts to extensive notes.

It complements the Finisher's Journal, which I reserve for my day's top tasks.

Focused Execution with the Finisher's Journal

Digital tools, while handy, sometimes scatter my focus.

The tangible act of writing in the Finisher's Journal centers me.

Here's how the Analog meets the Flexibility of the calendar:

Every evening as part of my daily planning routine, I consult my digital calendar for the next day's events and use my journal to allocate time for them.

This time-blocking ensures I have clear windows to tackle my primary tasks.

But, what about marrying the physical and digital notes?

As I mentioned earlier, notes that are worth storing end up in Notion.

Here's how...

Every week as part of my weekly review, I flip through my journal, cherry-pick vital notes, index them, and also archive them in Notion.

This dual storage makes future referencing a breeze.

In essence, while digital tools offer convenience, the tactile Finisher’s Journal remains my compass, ensuring I stay purposeful and productive.

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