Mapping Your Ideal Week

We all receive the same gift each week: 168 hours. No more, no less.

Let's do some math…

if you're someone who sleeps a standard 8 hours a day, you're left with 112 waking hours.

Have you ever stopped to think about maximizing each one?

Sadly, many of us don't treasure these hours.

We often fall prey to unplanned events or find ourselves constantly adjusting to someone else's agenda.

The old saying rings true…

"If you don't create a plan to fulfill your goals, someone else will assign one to you."

But here's the good news:

Those who map out their Ideal Week tend to be:

✅More Proactive
✅More Organized
✅More Focused

What is the Ideal Week, anyway?

It's like creating a budget, but you're allocating hours instead of dollars.

To give you a glimpse, here's an outline of my Ideal Week.

Imagine, if you were in total control of your calendar, how would you distribute those 112 hours?

Now, this isn't some groundbreaking revelation.

Legends such as Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey vouch for this methodology, attributing their ability to handle multiple endeavors at once to it.

Want to map out your Ideal Week? Consider these three tactics:

Theme Your Days

Ever wondered how Elon Musk does it?

By dedicating specific days to specific projects. For instance, Mondays and Tuesdays for SpaceX, Wednesdays and Thursdays for Tesla, and back to SpaceX on Fridays.

The concept? Assigning full days to focus on one major objective.

Batch Similar Tasks:

This is about optimizing your hours. Instead of bouncing between unrelated tasks, group analogous ones. Personally, I've reserved Tuesdays for creating content.

Match Your Energy

We all have peak productivity times. If you're most creative during the afternoon, allocate brainstorming sessions then. Personally, I reserve two morning hours for deep, focused work. It's my prime time.

In Conclusion:

Attaining the "Ideal Week" might seem like chasing a mirage, but it serves as an exemplary blueprint.

It guides you to shape your weeks for heightened focus and efficiency.

An insider tip? Loop in your colleagues and loved ones. Their understanding and cooperation can be a game-changer!

Here's to harnessing the potential of your 112 hours!

P.S. Want my Ideal Week template? click here to download the printable.

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