5 Proven Strategies to Stick to Your Plan (Even If You Are Lazy)

Struggling to stick to plans?

Ever find yourself worn-out at day's end, with none of your “important” items done?

Time to shake things up!

I've got a handful of super cool strategies to keep you on track, amplify weekly gains, and let you smash your goals.

But let's clear the air first:

This is for you, if you're ready to shift gears from planning to execution. If you're looking for quick fixes or instant triumphs, this might not be your scene.

Shall we dive in?

Strategy #1: KISS the 1-2-3 Planning Method

If planning feels like a chore, you'll dodge it.

So, the fix?

Keep ISilly Simple.

Test out the 1-2-3 planning technique:

One Must-Do Task (Impactful to your goal)

Two Might-Do Tasks

Three quick reminders or upkeep tasks (shouldn't take over 15 minutes)

Strategy #2: Eliminate Arbitrary Goals

92% bail on their goals within weeks.

The culprit? Vague goals.

To avoid getting distracted, and ultimately failing to achieve your goals, make sure they are:

✅ Specific

✅ Measurable (throw in numbers)

✅ Time-bound (set a due date, max 90 days out)

Missed our how-to guide on setting smarter goals? Find it here.

Strategy #3: Track your progress or lose!

Here's where most folks stumble - not tracking progress.

Like a soccer player who loses steam without a scoreboard, you too can lose motivation without tracking.

So, make it a point to regularly check your goals and record your progress.

Strategy #4: Raise the stakes

Nothing fuels action like the pressure of high stakes.

Use external accountability as your power boost.

Publicly stating your goals = motivation on steroids.

Sharing your journey not only keeps you accountable but lets others cheer you on!

Here's a template to blast off today:

I will [Primary Outcome Goal Statement] by [Date]. I will [Stakes] if I don’t. Screenshot this and hold me accountable.

And here’s a perfect example:

Strategy #5: Make your planning routine a no-brainer

The simplest way to form new habits is to remove any obstacles, so you don't forget.

Keep your journal or planner in plain sight, like on your desk or bedside table.

Make it a Tiny habit to use your planner either first thing in the morning or right before going to bed.

In a nutshell, staying true to your plans needn't be formidable.


1️⃣ Habit stacking

2️⃣ The 1-2-3 planning method

3️⃣ Clear, realistic goals

4️⃣ Progress tracking

5️⃣ External accountability

You'll be soaring towards success.


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