Ditch $10/hr Tasks Do This Instead

Let me tell you about two different types of tasks.

You're probably doing one type far too much, and it's holding you back.

But what if you could focus on the tasks that would increase your hourly output?

I'm talking about $10 an hour tasks VS. $1,000 an hour tasks.

And THIS is the BREAKTHROUGH you need.

Dive in, my friend.

Let me introduce you to the $10/hr vs $1000/hr Principle:

$10/hour work:

🥱 Boring

♻️ Repetitive

👉 Easy to delegate

$1,000/hour work:

💎 High value

🙇‍♂️ Requires deep focus

🔑 Hard to delegate

As you see…

The secret to REAL productivity lies in tackling the $1,000/hr tasks.

So here are some practical steps to help you stay focused on those $1,000/hr tasks:

Step 1: Time Audit 🕰️

Keep a close eye on how you're spending time every day.

Identify those sneaky $10 tasks holding you back.

Note them down.

Step 2: Do a Task Triage 🏥

Now, look at your list of tasks.

Which tasks are easy to delegate or automate?

Those $10 tasks must go.

Hire a VA, implement AI, or improve your processes.

Step 3: Rediscover Hidden Gems 💎

With the extra time, focus on the more valuable tasks on the list.

THESE are your $1,000/hr gems waiting to be polished.

Step 4: Leverage 2.0 📈

Take these newfound gems and create new systems, optimize existing ones, and watch the fruits of your labor grow 10x faster.

Now, the question is:

How do you actually put this into practice?

It’s quite simple.

Open Excel. Create a table with two columns ($10 task and $1000 tasks). Follow the steps I gave you.

And you’ll end up with something like this 👇

So there you have it.

By following these 5 steps, you’ll identify and prioritize $1,000/hr tasks in your business, and you’ll maximize the ROI for every hour you spend working.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

If you want deeper, actionable steps to skyrocket your productivity…

We have a resource that will help you.

We call it the $1000/hr Productivity System for a good reason.

And here you can see all the details

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