How to Turn A Single Piece of Paper Into A Productivity Machine

We took the key fundamentals of the Finisher’s Secret productivity system and streamlined it.

This single piece of paper is the ultimate week-long planner. 

  • See your whole week at a glance in seconds and know instantly what your most important tasks are for the week

  • Map out your tasks day to day in less than 5 minutes

  • Use the “Time Boxing” system to dramatically improve your focus and productivity

How To Print Your One-Page Planner

Your One-Page Planner is double-sided and can be a bit tricky to print properly.

But you’ll have no trouble at all if you follow these simple printing instructions:

  • Set your “copies” to 1 (or as many as you wish to print)
  • Select “Black & White” as the printing color
  • Check the “Two-Sided” box
  • Make sure “All Pages” is selected
  • Set the orientation to “Portrait”
  • Under “Preview”, check the “Auto Rotate” box
  • And set “Scale:” to 34%

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