Save 3 hours a week with this app

Surprisingly, meetings can be massive time wasters for entrepreneurs.

Turns out, that the average worker waste 3 hours each week on unproductive meetings.

See the picture below.

Who knew?

We're busy entrepreneurs, and we can't afford to waste 3 hours every week.

But fear not, fellow time-conscious entrepreneurs…

Loom videos are here to rescue us from these productivity vampires.

With Loom, we can quickly record and share our thoughts or instructions, without the need for time-draining meetings.

You can use loom for

  • Team updates and progress reports
  • Delegate low-value tasks (⭐️ my favorite)
  • Giving feedback and constructive criticism to team members

Want to see Loom in action?


Now, if only we could conjure up more time-saving tricks, right?

The Ultimate Time Management Hack: No Meetings Until Lunch

Dedicating mornings to tackling important tasks boosts productivity and keeps distractions at bay.

It's like having a secret superpower that allows us to conquer our to-do lists before the clock strikes noon.

So, fellow entrepreneurs, let's embrace this morning magic and leave those pesky meetings for the afternoons when our creative juices have already made a splash.

So, are you ready to save those precious hours?

Give Loom a try and unlock the door to a more efficient work-life.

Looking forward to hearing your success stories!

Until next time

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